Vintage terminology.

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What technically is Vintage?
Vintage is clothing from another era and classified by decade. There's no main definition of vintage but there's two main definitions.

Victorian period is pre-1901.
Edwardian period is 1901–1919.
After the Edwardian period there's no official term, however sometimes it's called the Windsor era as all the Kings/Queens had that surname. But generally it's referred to as the  1st World War era.
Post 1st World War era or Inter War era.
The Depression.
2nd World War era.

Vintage Clothing Condition.
Each seller has their own standard so always check the description and photos but here are the general definitions:

  • Mint: An item is as perfect and pristine as when it was originally made and shows no sign of wear..
  • Near mint: An item shows only the slightest signs of wear.
  • Excellent: An item shows typical signs of wear due to occasional use.
  • Very good: An item is considered wearable but has some surface flaws (staining or soiling, for example).
  • Good: An item is wearable but cannot be returned to excellent condition even if repairs are made.

I have seen many different versions of these and it's best to ignore these phrases, check the description for specific details and inspect the photos. One person's "good" is another person's "brilliant".

Vintage clothing is from past eras, sizes will vary from decade to decade and from manufacturer to manufacturer. If you're interested you could research to find out your 1950s size.

The zipper.
Metal zippers are a good indicator it's pre 1960s that's why sellers make a point of it, plastic zippers were mainly used after the 1960s.

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