My site policies.

Photography and credits.
Have I used any of your photography and not credited you? Drop me a line telling me what you would prefer to do, removal/link and name/etc. I always credit whenever possible but sometimes my sources can be incorrect or my links have broken. Please inform me if you know the direct source, it can be a real disappointment when I don't find the artist.

My work and credits.

If you would like to refer to my work or repost it elsewhere then please ask my permission to attribute and link back. However I will never allow a full repost nor allow my work to be used for a commercial purpose unless given pre-authorization. If I find you've took my work without my permission then I'll politely contact you asking to either remove it or attribute and link, if you refuse to take it down then I will take further action.

My comment policy.
I appreciate all the lovely comments I receive, my blog wouldn't be the same without my readers who contribute their opinions and feedback. Any advise, pictures and stories given are read and generally published without a second thought. However there certain rules I would like my readers to consider and abide by.

  • No negative comments.
This includes trolling, hateful remarks and drama inducing comments. Always post in an good and considerate manner. 
  • No preaching or campaigning.
No PETA lecturing or strange "join my religion!" comments, it's not the appropriate place and it's not appreciated.
  • No spam or advertising.
Rather obvious but this also includes copy cat comments eg "Nice blog!" I use open ID commenting so it's unnecessary to leave your website in the comment and it might be filtered as spam. Plus it's just rude to use my comments as an advert for your blog. 

Break these rules and you may be banned, I'll blacklist you and warn other bloggers about your behaviour. Bad characters are not tolerated in this blog, no matter who you are. If you're breaking the rules in other blogs you may be given a preemptive ban. This behaviour includes cyber bullying, stalking and other serious noteworthy behaviour. 

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