Positive review of Rockalily's Rockette Red lipstick!

Packaging? The outside packaging is nice and original, the lipstick tube itself is nice and chic. The plastic is strong and I have no worries about putting this in my handbag.

Shade? As promised this suited me perfectly, I'm really grateful she put it into categories for skin tones. My main problem with lipsticks is finding one that suits my pale skin or finding a blue based one but thankfully her collection makes it easy to find one that flatters.

Texture? It's creamy and quite matte but doesn't dry at all. Matte lipsticks will always cause drying to some degree but my lips surprisingly wasn't at dry all when I removed this. I don't even need to wear lip liner with this, it never feathered in the three hours I didn't touch it.

How easy is it to apply? Quite easy, it has a pointed end to allow precision but I'll always have to clean up afterwards.

How wearable is it? Much more wearable than other lipsticks, I don't have to touch it for hours but I prefer to.

Pigment? Fantastic! I had bright red lips in one stroke and it's easily layered up, plus it smells vanilla-y. It faded evenly but definitely left a lip liner look after eating, I'm quite a messy eater but thankfully it was easy to touch up.

Service? Quick and simple, the packaging that it was posted in was cute! The sticker had a caption that said: "Because life is too short not to wear lipstick!" It's these little touches that make me squeal slightly when I receive new parcels.

Value for money? Fair, at £14 pounds this isn't exactly cheap but it's one of the best I've ever owned. Besides she's a not a big company that's all about profit, with such friendly service I would rather put my hard earned money in her pocket.

Where can you buy? Right here along with links to other reviews and her blog etc.


Perdita said...

I use these too. The texture is fab! Light and great pigment too.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

How brilliant for them to describe the colors and the skin tones they are suited for!! It's impossible to choose lip color online otherwise. I wonder why every site doesn't do that? I'd be much more brave about buying lipstick online if they did.

This red does look perfect on you.

Julietslace said...

I think all collections should be put in categories to make it easier, I don't buy them from the high street anymore because I don't which ones suit me. Damn lighting in the shops. Thank you :3

HighOnLollypops said...

Is lipstick meant to be highly pigmented? I like to dab my lipstick on gently so that it is sheer and looks more like a tint...am I using it wrong?

Julietslace said...

This specific lipstick is supposed to be highly pigmented but it depends on the lipstick brand and it's design. Sheer lipsticks are better for a more wearable, everyday look. I use my high pigmented lipsticks as a tint as well.