Tips for Autumn dressing.

The leaves are orange and the days are getting shorter, which means it's Autumn and you have start reassessing your wardrobe. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was talking about switching my wardrobe around for Summer but that's just British weather, sigh.

Damn I want her hair, source.


  • Scarfs! I currently have an obsession with vintage scarfs, they're cheap and it fixes my shopping urge without over spending. During the day if it's vaguely warm I tie it around my bag and when it starts to get cold I wrap it around my neck.
  • Ear muffs! Oh my Jam Tarts they're so cute, I desperately want some this year because I doubt I will wear a hat even though I should. A black fuzzy pair would be wonderful.
  • Hats! I'm hoping I'll find a hat I want to wear this year but I'm always unsure whether it'll suit me. I hope nobody wears those odd floppy hats that make them look like they have a penis on their head.
  • A hand muff! This a roll of material which you place your hands inside, I love the furry ones.
  • Gloves! Obviously, who can go through Winter with no gloves? I want some leather gloves this year because I end up chewing my gloves and they unravel *guilty*

Cover up with...

  • A cardigan, a wardrobe classic and comes in several forms. Every girl should have at least one in her wardrobe, I recommend buying a basic black one and DIYing it yourself. It's much easier than trying to find an original one, you could add a trim or buy a cute vintage brooch. I'm obsessed with brooches, I have a whole box of them.
  • A bolero, much smaller and doesn't really add much warmth but updates your outfit easily. I prefer these at this time of year because it's still warm on some days but I would look silly with just a vest on. Be careful in choosing your fabric, if you want it for Winter then choose a knitted version. Lolita boleros are much cuter and have more ruffles, if you're looking for a frilly design then browse TaoBao.
  • A blazer, best reserved for night time but they're so simple and easy to find. My favourite are black tailored ones with padded shoulders, then I add silly amounts of necklaces and brooches. Winter is the best time to find velvet blazers so if you find one, snap it up and send me one.
  • A jumper, I seriously need more of these. My favourite are v necks and I wear a stripy shirt underneath, however literally all of mine are damaged. They either have holes, shrunk, too big or are covered in printing ink. That's why I don't wear my good stuff to college anymore! There are so many different types of jumpers, when I finally get a job I plan to create a whole Winter wardrobe around jumpers. A knitted over sized one to wear with jeans during the days and swap them for thick tights for night time. Add a studded belt with big boots and I'm done!


Misa Misa said...

These are great tips!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Ooh, I want a hand muff so badly. I guess I could add it to my "if I had time to do projects..." list. :)

Julietslace said...

It's quite easy :) maybe I should do a tutorial.

Leia said...

Great advice!


Unlacing the Victorians said...

I find that cloche hats (those 1920s-1930s hats that go well with short hair) are very fit for the fall and come in lovely colors around this time of year. Try Forever 21 or Target for cheaper versions of these felt hats.

Angela Osborn said...

Great post! I would love a set of fluffy ear muffs and a fluffy hand muff to match - so cute. I love all of your clothing choices too, especially cardigans - they are so versatile and great for tran-seasonal dressing.

Kate said...

great tips, I really want some ear muffs now!

Plami said...

Thank you for these great tips!