Things to look forward to ths Winter!

I absolutely hate Winter, I feel the cold so easily and I'm always snuffling and feeling sorry for myself. I hate how dark and depressing it gets, I hate the slow buses, I hate piling on clothes only to look like a potato and still feel chilly.  But I've decided not to focus on the negative this year (shocking I know) and instead look towards the positives...
  • Yummy warm foods like hot chocolate and hot buttered bread. Mmm who cares if I get slightly pudgy nobody will notice, goodbye bikini season.
  • Wearing Winter clothes such as fur coats and ear muffs, so cute and snuggly!
  • Having more nights in with my friends, it's cheaper and cosier. Nothing better than cuddling up to a loved one and watching a dvd.
  • People actually start to put the heating on, I love propping my feet up on the college radiators and my Dad finally stops laughing my face when I ask.
  • Leaving footprints in the snow.
  • Riders on the bus tend to get less snarky about me having coughing fits and sniffly moments on the bus, sorry!
  • Getting snowed in: "Oh yes completely snowed in! Sorry I can't make it in, too bad eh?" Then looking smug after I get off the phone and sinking into the sofa, I grab my fat cat and a fluffy blanket.
  • Watching old ladies fall in the ice...joking! I usually hate the ice but it gives karma a helping hand sometimes, last year a teenage boy tried to throw a iceball at me but he fell straight over trying.
  • Starting to knit again.
What are you looking forward to this season? Or what's the weather like in Australia? ;)


Caroline Carnivorous said...

In Norway, we NEVER get snowed in -.-

Smashed Doll said...

One of my favourite things about snowy weather is the leaving fresh footprints in the snow. They always look so perfect! Until everyone goes to work and college.

Cherish said...


That really does sound fun, coming from those who live in 30 C weather at the moment (Australia)

Unfortunately it's now the beginning of a hot dry summer. :(

Ah well.

I hope you enjoy your lovely snowy weather. :)

SaryWalrus said...

Here it's forty degrees Celsius. On my way home from school the wind was so hot I almost passed out from the lack of oxygen. Damn you, Australia.

Maggie said...

As a keen cyclist, I absolutely hate winter (slippery roads, the constant cold, no sunlight - you name it), but every winter I look forward to some mulled wine, hot chocolate and comfort food :)

AislingChild said...

How can you hate winter?! Winter is definatly my favorite season...So snowy and beautiful and the air feels so fresh and it's so pretty...and Christmas...and my birthday...and new years eve...

Julietslace said...

LOL you can all take the damn snow, it's awful. I wish I could give it to you and you could borrow it for a weekend :)

@ Maggie, you have my sympathy! I don't like riding bike in my city because everyone gets really aggressive, oh look a bike in the snow. Lets run her over >:]