Five things I'll never do on my blog.

    Found via Tumblr, but also available on his Flickr.
  • Numerous outfit posts.
I'm far too lazy and private, my outfits for college are hardly gothic due to early mornings and the environment. Printing ink and threads all over my favourite velvet skirt? No thanks. I rarely take photos of myself either, it takes 50 shots before I get a decent one and even that one I have to fuss with. Usually my cat is in the background licking his arse and I don't notice until I upload it *facepalm*

  • Add a music player.
It's incredibly annoying! I cannot stand it on other blogs so I wouldn't punish my own readers the same way.

  • Post everyday.
I never fully read blogs that post every single day, it's rarely all quality posts worth reading. I'm at college full time and I have a part time job, sometimes I just wish I could have a whole week to myself with nothing to do but relax. I'll always post at least once a week though, this blog is my time to breath and relax. And share cat gifs.

  • Cause drama.
The main reason why I deleted the negative review of Love Miss Daisy was simply because of the drama and upset (for me) involved, even though they was in the wrong I didn't want my blog to become a place about scammers and liars. However I won't hestiate to post a bad review and if anyone of you are being scammed please let me know and I'll help spread the word.

  • Not post cat gifs.
Sorry but I love cats! My gifs won't move in the actual post, I'm worried it might crash people's computers. Click on the gif to see it move or save it.
Found at catgifs via Tumblr.
I'll also never stop loving my readers ;) tell me what you would never allow on your blog.


SaryWalrus said...

I agree with the music player. It's so damn annoying.

Along with that probably Advertisements, especially not pop ups. Unless possibly it's for charity and I do a post explaining my opinion about it.

And generally, lies. I don't do false reviews.

Julietslace said...

I don't mind adverts if they're there for the blogger to make money and fit into the lay out well, some people actually blog for a living. However I hate "sponsored" reviews, it's basically false!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

THANK YOU for the lack of music! And for the kittens. :-D

I'm with you - I don't mind tasteful, relevant ads. Blogging can take up a LOT of time, so I can't fault anyone who wants to at least earn a little something monetarily from it.

However, I must say I don't mind sponsored reviews, if they are genuine. Again, I can see how bloggers would at least like some shiny new things for their efforts. If I were to start doing that, I would only review items I could honestly recommend, and would return to the company any items I didn't like (and not post a review). That way, the blog stays both honest AND positive.

Tenebris In Lux said...

I'm iffy on advertisements .. I was thinking about adding them, but I decided not to. I prefer if they matched the blog content (which they can) but not be super annoying. Plus, you have to get people to click on them to actually make some $$$.

Gah, I hate music players too. Scares the crap outta me when I open up a million tabs and have to close all of them because I don't know where the noise is coming from :-/

But as far as me, I try not to embed actual YouTube videos in a post, even if it is just one. Because I may have a fast computer, but others don't, so I'm considerate of that.

I don't do a whole lot of outfit posts, but I have done a few in the past. I might continue doing some.

I also tend to post a lot of hi-res photos, but I try not to spam people unless I add a "this is heavy with photos" warning as well as sizing some of them down or allowing readers to click on them to make it larger. Again, respectful of those who still use dial-up :-P

linnea-maria said...

the music players are a reason why I never have the sound on on the computor.
Your blog is one of my absolute favourites, it's because you write sincere and honest posts and I also love cats!

Julietslace said...

@ linnea-maria, thank you :) it's awful when you forget to mute the sound and random music comes blasting out. A heart attack WILL happen one day.

@ Tenebris in Lux, I didn't realise bloggers made money from the amount of clicks. How does it work?

@ VictorianKitty, :D I'm glad you love the kittens. You need to include more cat posts on your blog, yours are so cute!

ultimategothguide said...

"I never fully read blogs that post every single day, it's rarely all quality posts worth reading." - hmph :-/

Totally agree with the autoplay music thingies, someone (naming no names) has a faulty one and it freezes my internet every time I try to read their blog. I've given up and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I also agree with you about sponsored reviews, when people send me freebies I warn them that I won't mince words. If I think a product is crap I will say so (although I would feel guilty as anything if I'm honest!). Luckily I've never been asked to review anything that was rubbish and mostly I tend to review random things I've bought for myself anyway rather than things people have asked me to review. I really like VictorianKitty's idea of returning the product though, that's a great idea. :-)

Julietslace said...

Hope I didn't offend you! You was the reason I put rarely in the sentence, feel special ;)

Good for you, I can be quite bitchy in reviews. I always feel guilty if they're a nice company like Lush, sadly if a product is bad it's just bad.

ultimategothguide said...

Not offended at all, in fact thank you! :-D

Toxic Tea Party said...

I don't have a working camera so I can't post outfits, plus I usually wear long skirts and nerdy t-shirts. I get a little nervous because I'm one of the few Goths in Kansas at least that I've ever seen. But the music player is a little annoying. My blog isnt that popular I don't think because I don't post alot I think. :(