All the wonderful things about Spring.

To celebrate the sudden sunshine and the beginning of March I've written a post about all the awesome things about Spring.
  • Blossom is blooming! I've always wanted to get married under one but for the moment I'm happy just walking under them.
  • Spring clean? Fuck that, just have a glass of bubbly in the garden or near the window when the sun is shining.
  • If you walk your dog I'm sure this weather is much better for you, my lazy obese cat never leaves during the Winter so it's nice to have some time to myself. No paws batting at the book page and no fat rolls hiding my mobile.
  • I can wear a skirt but still wear black tights, the ultimate combo for Spring!
  • It's warm but the bees have not yet left their slumber, near May I distinctly start to hear the Jaws theme tune until I open the door and discover a wasp.
  • This month my blog turns three years old, cake for everyone (I'm lying it's all for me).
  • Lighter days and nights, it's always easier to get up when the sun naturals wakes me.
What do you love about Spring and what wonderful things are happening in your life? Show me CATS.

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VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Happy upcoming Blogiversary! :-D I always enjoy your posts, and look forward to the next three years of Juliet's Lace.

Yes to cats!