March round up.

Source, recommend for photography!
Integrity in the online Universe.
A wonderful post on bloggers and advertising, well recommended if you've ever had a thought about it or you're considering using ads to make extra pennies.

DIY chained collar tips.
DIY Tutorial on how to create your own collar tips with chains.

Fur Leftovers.
A discussion on fur leftovers and what you should consider before buying.

DIY dip dyed nails.
A tutorial on how to do your own dip dye nails, like a French manicure but more modern and fun!

Review: Bastiste's cherry scented dry shampoo.
Because I like all things cherry.

The Walrus Room's outfit post.
Sarah (Sary in my head) has the best outfits on my dashboard, in fact she's my favourite for outfit posts.

Keeping black clothes black.
Advise on how to keep your clothes black and how to get them black once again.

Edwardian Inspired outfit.
The hair! The fur! The corset!

Ten Reasons to love non-print Lolita dresses.
A post on lovely Lolita dresses that don't prints, for once!

Antlers, bones and dead things.
How to clean, decorate and display taxidermy.

Creating my manicure.
A list of things you'll need to do your own manicure and recommend products.

Pretty vs practical.
A post on dressing up and dressing down.


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