How to reinvent your wardrobe: Inspiration.

Found via Gothbeauty on Tumblr.

The next step in reinventing your wardrobe is discovering what makes you tick, personal style can be very difficult to pin point. I recommend saving any pictures you particularly like into a folder, scan in any you find offline and add photos of anyone you admire. Eventually a theme should appear, it's not immediately obvious but generally there's a few factors that you love in style. Don't worry if your collection doesn't mix together well, your style is unique to you.
Recommended websites:
  • Polyvore - You can create your own outfits using online clothing and view other peoples.
  • Tumblr - look for specific tumblrs that fit your desired style, typing in fuckyeah[style] always works for me. Once you've found a tumblr blog you love check out the blogs they follow and go from there, it's also worth creating your own account. Tumblr is like a massive inspiration folder we can share with each other and view whenever we want.
  • Blogs - Obviously I can't recommend every blog that could possibly relate to your style, once again it's up to you to discover them. If your style taste is quite mainstream you could easily look on Independent Fashion Bloggers, or if your style is vintage or Gothic I recommend taking a look at who I follow because I personally love these styles.
  • Weheartit - Similar to Tumblr.
  • Livejournal style communities - for example EGL if you prefer Lolita or 
  • Deviantart - art based website but the photography is worth looking at.
  • Flickr - a photography website but also look out for scans, this is my go to site for vintage photography.
  • Online collections via Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar.

Offline inspiration is easily available as well:

  • Style magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Alt Fashion, Gothic Beauty, etc.
  • Magazines in general.
  • Fashion shows - even if you don't get invited it's great to hang around outside and nosy at the people going in, plenty of bloggers and other stylish people lurk outside hoping to be spotted.
  • Films and TV shows - related to your style of course, for example Mad Men would be brilliant for a Vintage girl.
  • Books and characters.
  • Art galleries.
  • Theatre.


kakuidori said...

hmmm i stick to blogs and also have a giantic folder for everything i like (looks messy but helps!)
oh and festivals or online shops and etsy! <3!

nice ideas and i think some useful tips!!

Julietslace said...

Oh yes! How could I forget Etsy? I browse it nearly everyday and drool over things I'll never be able to afford.

Tenebris In Lux said...

Musicians! Can't stress how much I love the style of some of the musicians I listen to. Mainly Bowie and Boy George, but also others like William Control :-)

Maggie said...

I tried "fuckyeahrivethead", but there's no such tumblr - perhaps it's time to start one?
Pinterest is also great for inspiration.

Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

Good ideas. I kinda already save pics off the internet that I like but I should probably organize them a bit better! :)

Ms. Lou said...

I find Tumblr and Pintrest very inspiring for new ideas, also some of the gothic vlogs on YouTube.

Goth Mary Poppins said...

Damn, that polyvore is addictive...

I'd also add to consider your figure: pick an age, when you would be considered a sex bomb. I get lots of inspiration from the fifties, so my style started to drift away from classical goth to the more adult-world-friendly gothabilly.


Thank you for the great post!